World Congress On Food Science and Technology

July 15-17, 2019 Rome, Italy

Theme: Exploring the Recent Advances in Food Science and Technology

Inovine Conferences (Scientific Meetings) feel proud and honored to invite the attendees across the globe to its premier food conference. Food Science Congress 2019 to be held during July 15-17, 2019 at Rome Italy. With researcher and nutritionist working on the science of future food we will form a traverse between the academic and industry peers. This year agenda of this food science conference will focus mainly on investigating the Interrelationships between Food, Nutrition and Health to feed our Future

Food Science Congress 2019 is a three day program will be initiated by a marvelous opening ceremony with eminent Honorable Guests followed by the Keynote sessions and hence the normal plenary sessions. The program will also contain workshops and symposiums special sessions to be conducted by special guest speakers, hence expecting a gathering of more than 200 members including speakers, will bring together Food Scientists, Flavor Scientists, Nutritionists, Agronomist, Microbiologists, Chemists, Quality Assurance Specialists, Quality Assurance Managers, Specialists in Food and Beverages, Product Recall Specialists, Product Development Specialists, Quality Control Specialists

Target Audience:

Food technologist | Microbiologist | Food safety officers | Nutritionists | Nutritionists | Dietitian | Quality control officers | Quality assurance officers | Scientists | Researchers | Biotechnologists | Mechanical Engineers |Food Engineers

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Renowned Speakers

Dr. Nicola Antonio Uccella

Dr. Nicola Antonio Uccella

IRESMO Foundation, DIMEG,
Management Engineering,
Calabria University, Italy
Tomas Komprda Mendel

Tomas Komprda Mendel

University in Brno,
Czech Republic
Aaron Tan

Aaron Tan

University College London, UK
Cecilia Silvestri

Cecilia Silvestri

University of Tuscia,
Elena Bartkiene

Elena Bartkiene

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences,
Maria Teresa Pedrosa Silva Clerici

Maria Teresa Pedrosa Silva Clerici

University of Campinas,
Mwafaq Ibdah

Mwafaq Ibdah

NeweYaar Research Center,
Agriculture Research Organization,
Rosa Leonora Salerno Soares

Rosa Leonora Salerno Soares

Universidade Federal Fluminense,
Rosangela Oliveira Soares

Rosangela Oliveira Soares

Universidade de Tras-os-Montes e Alto Douro,

Conference Sessions & Tracks

  • Food Science and Technology
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharma and Nutraceuticals
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Current Advances in Nutrition & Food Sciences
  • Probiotics
  • Food Engineering
  • Current Trends in Food Technology
  • Food Adulteration
  • Food Rheology
  • Agri Food Technology
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Dairy Food Technology
  • Food Marketing and Economics
  • Food Science and Food Chemistry
  • Nano Technology in Food Industry
  • Food Poisoning and Regulatory Toxicology
  • Food Storage and Preservation
  • Food Analysis and Quality Control
  • Food Packaging
  • Food Safety, Quality and Policy
  • Food Public Health & Hygiene
  • Waste Management Techniques in Food and Beverage Industry
  • Food Processing, Safety & Technology
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Soil Science
  • Plant Pathology & Plant Biotechnology
  • Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • Agriculture & Horticulture
  • Enzymes in Food
  • Fermentation Technology
  • Food Chemistry & Food Microbiology

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Who can Attend

  • Food technologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Food safety officers
  • Nutritionists
  • Nutritionists
  • Dietitian
  • Quality control officers
  • Quality assurance officers
  • Scientists
  • Researchers
  • Biotechnologists
  • Mechanica Engineers
  • Food Engineers

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  • Global & Local expertise
  • Prospective attendees
  • Larger worldview of the profession
  • Open gateway towards innovation
  • Transparency communication
  • We focus on your career growth
  • We're passionate about what we do
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Venue & Hospitality

Rome, Italy

Rome is the capital of Italy and a special comune. Rome also serves as the capital of the Lazio region. With 2,877,215 residents in 1,285 km2 (496.1 sq mi), it is also the country's most populated comune. It is the fourth-most populous city in the European Union by population within city limits. It is the centre of the Metropolitan City of Rome, which has a population of 4.3 million residents. Rome is located in the central-western portion of the Italian Peninsula, within Lazio (Latium), along the shores of the Tiber. The Vatican City is an independent country inside the city boundaries of Rome, the only existing example of a country within a city: for this reason Rome has been often defined as capital of two states. Rome's history spans more than 2,500 years. While Roman mythology dates the founding of Rome at around 753 BC, the site has been inhabited for much longer, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe.

Famous artists, painters, sculptors and architects made Rome the centre of their activity, creating masterpieces throughout the city. In 1871 Rome became the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, which in 1946 became the Italian Republic.Rome has the status of a global city. Rome ranked in 2016 as the 13th-most-visited city in the world, 3rd most visited in the European Union, and the most popular tourist attraction in Italy. Its historic center is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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